The Key to a Happy and Successful Youth Soccer Team

soccerEffective coaching of young soccer players can be challenging to new coaches and even if you are a seasoned coaching pro, you can also have your moment. It’s not an easy job getting a bunch of young kids get to play in harmony.


But it’s not as difficult to be a winning coach like many of you think. You can plan practices that your kids will surely enjoy and play tournaments in which you win most of the time. It’s not important to have superstars on your team to win. You need team players and use the right method so they’ll play in harmony.


If you want a team of well-playing kids, boost their self-esteem. Treat them like individuals and great achievers. Make them feel important and always remind them how they can contribute to the team. Don’t get mad at them for their mistakes. Instead, expect them to commit mistakes because they could learn from them and help them grow. Praise them even during practices.


You will see your player’s confidence dramatically rise as their bodies straighten up with their heads held high and there’s a spring in their step. You could even see an improvement in their performance the next time they practice. The kids get a higher sense of themselves as great soccer players and this will be reflected while playing on the field. Tell them that as a team they are all winners and your job is to put them in the positions where they excel. And they do. When they win, their confidence increases more.


Winning isn’t everything but basically it’s the purpose of the game. For five to six year olds, this may not be applicable. But as they grow old, they will play to win and the more they win, the better they get and the more confident they become.


I have an 11-year-old son who has been playing soccer since he was just five years old. For six years, I’ve watched his every tournament and nothing can be more rewarding than seeing your son play with his teammates on the field and winning their every game. Though my schedule is full because my work at Equipment Base, where I help customers find different types of scissor lifts, I still find time to watch my son’s games.


I believe that a huge part of their success is having a reliable coach that doesn’t only teach them about the rules of the game but also teach them about becoming a good person in and out of the field.



Just Getting Started with My New Job

I am not really where I wanted to be, but I do have a good enough job for the time being. When I was in college I took some personal trainer courses. My girlfriend talked me into it, but then she regretted it when she found out that the class was full of other hot girls. In particular there were these two girls who might be described as rather naughty and definitely very catty. They turned that class into a little sporting event and I was quite sure my girlfriend was going to end up trying to scratch their eyes out. It was not like she could not tell that they were deliberately making sure that I had a great view of everything that they had. Read more…

Flexibility in Yoga Sessions

physical therapy IrvineThose in Irvine who would like to get away from the frenetic pace of high impact aerobics and contact sports, or the cold impersonality of working with free weights and nautilus machines, can find what they’re looking for in yoga.

True, as a form of exercise, yoga lacks the machismo of football or martial arts, but it can be just as sweaty and physically taxing, with the added benefit of mental and emotional relaxation.

Yoga is all about the breath. One has to get the breath right before beginning anything. The deep inhales and the long, slow exhales have a way of calming and grounding a person in one’s own body. When one pays attention to ones’ breathing, all other concerns fade away. The past fades, and the future retreats, and all that is left is the present.

The different poses or asanas in yoga work on one or a combination of either strength, flexibility, or balance, all while maintaining a steady and deep breathing. Strengthening poses involve weight-bearing and are focused on upper body – arms, shoulders and chest, and the core – that is, the abdomen. Flexibility poses involve bends – forward bends, side bends, back bends, and twists, and different permutations of these. The forward bend is different when it is done standing, and different when done while seated. Balancing poses are those that involve remaining upright while in a precarious position, usually with one foot and/or one hand bearing the body. Most asanas have simpler versions for beginners or more difficult versions for those who are more advanced. One has to be in touch with one’s own body in order to gauge its limitations and capabilities. There’s always room to grow, and none for stagnation. It’s like being one’s own physical therapist in InMotion.

Sessions usually end with a relaxation or meditation pose, usually just lying down on one’s back with eyes closed. This is called savasana or “corpse pose”. After the physical exertions during the session, this portion becomes a place for catharsis, and one feels quite boneless. It is not unusual for yoginis to doze off while in this pose, or release some pent up emotions.

Win the Battle Against Boredom by Scuba Diving

There are no dull moments when scuba diving. The Great Barrier Reef is such an unforgettable Australian diving adventure. Armed with the best diving advice and the equipment from affordable diving gear shops, surely you’ll go places. Connect now and read valuable tidbits below:

scuba diving tips

Getting Fit and Looking Good

craig budgen february 22 2013 nick hughes january 13 2013Working out and getting fit can be a real challenge for anyone. I’ve spent a lot of time analyzing my biochemistry on a purely physical level – measuring changes that seem to happen with my mood, concentration and so on as they change (if they change) based on what sort of diets and supplements that I use on a day to day basis! I started my adventure into working out with a personal trainer manchester who helped me see the error of my ways. For a long time I had been simply going to the gym and using whatever equipment that I felt was worth my time in that moment. I had been unknowingly using the equipment wrong and even caused some degree of injury to myself in doing so, without even knowing it! Apparently I had been straining my knees with these exercises which had caused a form of hyper tension to settle into the ligaments, which accounted for the stiffness I experienced every morning.

With a personal trainer, I was able to learn about the exercises I should be doing and not just that but also how I should be doing them. That was a huge part of what was missing in my experimentation. I just never considered that there would be a veryb specific way of exercising. I always thought the act itself was simply good enough! I am so glad that I went to a personal trainer before I hurt myself even further. Who would have thought that I was putting so much stress on my knees that I could have caused myself far worse damage in the future; which is exactly what I was trying to prevent in the first place by exercising! I suggest to my friends they should do a lot of research before exercising.

Auckland Australian Football League

Interested in playing Aussie Rules football in Auckland? There are 6 teams across Auckland competing in the AAFL. The season runs from September to early December. Auckland also fields a team in the annual NPC competition and its players make up the majority of the NZ Falcons team (International Cup champions in 2005).

Latest News

Manurewa Raiders ended up 4th on the table after a close fought battle for the top 4 places during the 2005 season. In the semi finals on Sunday 20th November, the North Shore Tigers defeated Manurewa Raiders ending our chances of reaching the finals. We look forward to the 2006 season and a better result. The new season starts 3rd September.