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Just Getting Started with My New Job

I am not really where I wanted to be, but I do have a good enough job for the time being. When I was in college I took some personal trainer courses. My girlfriend talked me into it, but then she regretted it when she found out that the class was full of other hot girls. In particular there were these two girls who might be described as rather naughty and definitely very catty.

They turned that class into a little sporting event and I was quite sure my girlfriend was going to end up trying to scratch their eyes out. It was not like she could not tell that they were deliberately making sure that I had a great view of everything that they had. The two of them would flirt with me too, but to be honest I thought that what they were doing was low rent. Now I did look and I enjoyed the attention, but those girls were bad news and I had a girlfriend who was perfectly satisfactory in every way.

At any rate I got certified as a personal trainer and now I am managing a little gym. I am still looking for more of a career, but this job does pay well and I do get to work out for free. I started working here when I was a junior at college. I needed a job to make my bills, it was either that or sell my car and save money by not driving and not paying car insurance.

I had enough time to work a job and a lot of the time I was just studying. However the guy who owned the place really liked me and he soon realized that I could run the place instead of him, in fact I hardly see him now.

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